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An Association to promote the interest for and the knowledge of the Danish cultural legacy on the former Danish West Indies and raising funds for
restoration and preservation of these.
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What is DVIV

The association "Danish West Indies' Friends" has been established with the purpose to promote the cultural and popular understanding between Denmark and the former Danish Islands, including trying to preserve as many of the old Danish cultural values on the islands as possible.

On the islands you will for example find some of the oldest graveyards in the world, dating back to the 16.century. Here you can read the names of some of the first Danish people who died on the islands.

Unfortunately the graveyards are badly deteriorated especially due to the great hurricanes devastating the area from time to time.

If our children and grandchildren are to have the opportunity to experience and see the Danish culture on the islands it will be necessary to collect economical means for this purpose.

This is why we have founded this association. We are trying to raise funds by applying to private companies and trusts for economical support.

The association also arranges lectures and show films recorded on the former Danish Islands.
If you would like to show your films you can contact us for further arrangements.

Since the start of the association in 1998 the association has accomplished to mend the following in co-operation with the Danish consul.-general Søren Blak.

In 1999 the history graveyard at St.Thomas was restored, in 2000 and 2001 the street-signs were renewed both on St.Thomas and St.Croix and the signs have been re-created with the old Danish names, in 2003 32 of the 38 gravestones in the memorial-wall on the Danish graveyard at St.Thomas were restored, so 6 are still missing witch we are trying to raise funds for as they are so badly deteriorated that new stoned need to be places in the wall, so if you would like to support us or give a contribution to our work we can be contacted at the following mail or you can look at our membership site.

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